5 Killer Lead Generation Strategies for Zambian Companies

Discovering a good lead is more complex than most businesses think and it’s important that your employees don’t waste their time reaching out to unqualified clients/customers when there are ways to narrow down the process.

When you implement a lead generation program, you increase brand awareness, build strong relationships, generate qualified leads, and close deals.Hence we want to share 5 Lead Generation Strategies for local companies that will keep attracting those local customers to your business.

If you can anticipate a customer’s behavior even before they visit your business, you can connect with them and make your offer irresistible.Be unique and Sell Time Savings Instead of Money Savings offers.While sales can increase from low pricing strategies for certain products like luxury goods, pricing psychology doesn’t always resonate with customers.For example some customers can connect low price to low quality or near its expiration date.In that case, what sells is time.We all want more of it, to make the most of it, or to minimize wasting it. When you market a product or service as a highly beneficial good experience, a customer will be far more likely to spend some extra cash.Once you understand your target audience you will have enough data to increase your sales.

When it comes to marketing, Email marketing has been ranked amongst the top ways you can use to grow your clientelle.Hence, your email list is your greatest asset. With your list, you can run campaigns that can easily give you a 50-100% response.Email leads are people who share their contact information with you.These can easily be found on social media platforms or Local news pages.This is mostly through an opt-in form that they fill out in return for a free gift such as a free course or coupon for example.The purpose of getting these email leads is so you can nurture them through permission marketing into loyal customers.Your email leads form the foundation of your email marketing campaigns and, if nurtured well, will become the source of your revenue.

There is an audience out there looking for your specific services or products.You can target people based on their age,interests location,nationality etc.This helps to ease your marketing as you only have to concentrate on fulfilling the needs of a specific audience.

Facebook Ads are intense—over 80% of consumers use Facebook, and the average user spends 40 minutes on the platform every day.
That makes Facebook a good tool which you can use to target your ads at potential customers. Sometimes local businesses avoid using bigger platforms because they don’t necessarily realize the impact which that platform can have.With Facebook’s excellent targeting options, a business can aim for their specific audience.This level of targeting means that you don’t waste your marketing budget serving people who will never be interested in what you have to offer.It lets you deliver content only to the highly-targeted people.If you combine good content with strong visuals, you will certainly grab peoples attention.


Contests can just be the extra publicity your company may need.Social media contests have a greater audience and have more engagement.You may put up something like;
Like and/or comment to win.The classic “like and/or comment to win” is a tried and tested way to increase engagement. It can be held on just about any social platform, from LinkedIn,Facebook to Instagram. To keep customers engaged, showcase the winners of the prizes.Simply create a post with a self-explanatory caption, include an entry deadline and guidelines.The key to using this strategy effectively is to create prizes directly related to the products or services your business offers. That way the leads you will generate are going to more likely be loyal to you. Make sure to start with small prizes. Why should you start small? You want to build up the audience first before spending a lot of money on prizes.

Lead generation is important for local businesses of all types and sizes.With so much competition, it is important to consistently be looking for new leads. These 5 Lead Generation Strategies for local companies can really help your business be ahead of its competitors. Just make sure to be consistent using them for a regular flow of revenue.

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