It’s one thing to set up a company in Zambia and entirely a different thing to grow visibility and increase your social and business footprint. Your business also needs a continuous flow of referrals so that it can continue to generate revenue and make sales.

What is next now? The next step is to figure out ways to get more visibility for the business. We will go into more detail below:

  1. Good Google rankings | SEO

Good ranking can be achieved through professional search engine optimization offered by Afrifeel. Businesses on google’s first 3 pages get quick access to constant emails from customers searching for services. There is a higher chance of closing sales leads from customers reaching out to you.

2. Advertise on social media

You can get visibility for your business by taking advantage of social media digital adverts. Facebook, Google and Instagram make it easy for you to set up adverts, control your ad budget to use for your digital advertising.

3.Share with your Customer Network

As a business owner, you need to be loud, passionate about representing your brand and strategic with sharing your brand links. You need to make your links accessible to your potential customers; You can do this by adding the link to your bio, adding to all your social posts, sharing with your contacts or sending an email to notify them of the launch of your online brand. This will create more visibility for your business. Don’t forget to go all out with sharing 

4.Creating awesome Content

Content is King – This is the best way to get noticed. Your content has to speak for your brand. zambians should be able to relate and engage with your content. It shouldn’t divert from the goal of your business but it should be entwined. This way you’re driving traffic to your business and also a good way to make sales.

5. Customers rewards

We all love gifts. Don’t we? Let your customers feel loved. If your brand doesn’t have a reward program, you should try to create one. You can offer them different forms of discounts and freebies when they order. The relationship you build with your customers will determine how well they speak and refer your business to other people because referrals give you organic visibility.

That’s enough for today :)… Lets get to work and do some quality marketing.

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