6 Strategies to Build The Creative Career Of Your Dreams

1. Figure Out Your Initial Investment

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a financial investment. Time, effort, and basic resources are enough.

2. Choose Team-mates/partners Effectively

You don’t need a formal Board of Directors for your personal career, but it’s helpful to have people vested in your success.

3. Market Research

Learn as much as you can about how other creators in your field build their careers. Figure out what works, what doesn’t, and where the opportunities are.

When you figure out your niche and where those people can be found, you’re able to create more meaningful goals.

4. Identify Your Competitive Advantage

at makes you different, how you stand out from the crowd, and what is it about your creations that grabs and keeps people’s attention.

5. Reinvest In Your Career

Instead of blowing the money you earn from your work on something frivolous, use it to fund the production of your next creation, pay for training that gives you a new skill, or cover costs of a project that will get you in front of new audiences.

6. Choose An Exit Strategy

Your creative career should also have an exit strategy?—?even if you don’t plan to exit it for a long time. Some aim to get acquired, some hope to go public, some attempt to franchise their concept, and others simply look to develop into a stable source of revenue.

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