The Power of Branding

There is a major misunderstanding that branding only consists of a catchy name and logo. In reality, branding is so much more – and it is critical for businesses of all sizes because it establishes a company’s public persona.
There are key values that perfect branding contributes to a business/organization. These are:
– Recognition.
– Trust.
– Greater financial value.
– Inspired employees.

“A brand is a collection of associations in the mind, both conscious and unconscious.” – Weber.

The conscious associations may include your product or service; its features, price, and name; your ads and marketing.
The unconscious side is the underlying feeling connected to your brand.
This feeling is built over time by every interaction people have with your brand — where they see it, whom they see it with, its colors and the emotions that the name inspires.

There are four basic approaches to building great brands.
– Customer Experience.
-Imagery approach.
– Planning approach
– Self-Expression

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