How to keep clients coming to your website


Worry no more and read on OMARI DIGITAL\\\’s top 6 online traffic recommendations below.

Email Marketing

Email is a great tool for engaging one-on-one with your audience, keeping them engaged with your content, or re-engaging them after they’ve left your site. Personalize your emails with content that targets exactly what the consumer needs. When you provide users with specific content beyond what they can find on the website, they’ll feel “in the know” and will be more likely to become brand advocates. Build a mailing list by using email marketing tools like mailchimp, this will give you the power to send newsletters that can have links to direct customers to your website for offers, detailed news or downloads.

Implement a loyalty program.

Loyalty programs often come with perks such as discounts, free shipping, or special gifts. If you have a good product, you’ll have brand advocates. Engaging with them, rewarding them, and offering them value is what will keep them out there marketing your brand. 

Do giveaways, product promo codes accessed from your site or simply make online quiz sessions.

Implement Online Booking and Payments.

If your business requires your clients to book or shop ensure that your website offers those services digitally in order to have your clients regularly visiting your site for those and many other activities 

Online Live chat.

Every client hates to be ignored with the coming of bots and 24Hrs chat options, a website that offers such interactivity gives a user confidence to always re visit due to its care it shows with immediate feedback of solutions  that come with live chat features for websites.

With the above few tactics in place your website can be as busy as a Bee-Hive, would you like to learn more about how this can work for you contact us

Personalise your communications

Everyone uses digital media differently. Some people prefer to receive an email, while others respond to text messages. Many use Facebook daily and others only visit their favourite news websites.
These differences mean there’s no one way to reach all of your customers with a single message blast or media buy to promote your online services.
Instead, a personalised yet structured content journey that builds trust and highlights the benefits of self-service can help drive uptake.
This might include delivering your message by email and SMS, social media, push notifications for app users and even targeted display ads.

Build trust to encourage use.
Before they’ll engage with you online, customers need to trust that you can securely handle their data, and that your online options are better than the alternative.
That means educating them about your self-service options, meeting any objections proactively before they arise and providing clear and concise calls to action.
Be available to support customers with questions through a variety of channels including customer support, live chat and a feedback channel. Be transparent and open about the changes and make as much information available to customers as possible.

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