How a website works

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Ever wondered how websites operate?

Well, let’s start with the fundamentals, without getting too technical. We will go through web servers and domain names, what they do and where to get the information you need to get started.

A website serves as your company’s online home. It’s a place where potential customers can discover more about your company and what it has to offer. Let’s say you have decided to create a real-life grocery store. You would have to first rent a shop to put it in, right? A website is no exception. You are not renting a shop, though; instead, you are renting a server space.


A server is a computer that is linked to the internet and has software that allows it to store or ‘host’ the components of your website, such as the code, photos, video clips, and other content. It’s called a server because it provides information to anyone who wishes to read a page on your website. There are numerous companies and services that will rent you server space and host your website. You pay an ongoing host fee, which is similar to paying rent, and they take care of the technical aspects of running a server, just like a brick-and-mortar store. Contact Zamtouch team on hosting-related service offers.


Potential clients will find you through your domain name, just as they would find a physical bakery through the sign above the door. It’s the thing you type into the browser window to get to any website. For example, or


You must first check if the domain name you want is accessible before proceeding. For example, there can only be one on the internet and if it has already been claimed, you won’t be able to use it.

So, how can you find out whether a name you want is already taken? Go to or to get started. There should be a tool on the site that allows you to check if the name you desire is already taken. If they are, it may recommend another name that is similar to yours that you can use. You can also ask Zamtouch for help free of charge.

A distinctive domain name is one that is easy to remember. Make it as brief, relevant, and to the point as possible.

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